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Primary Kitguns appearing as unmastered in profile

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Since 29.1.0 Primary Kitguns now appearing in your Profile under Equipment as well as the secondary ones, as unique weapons, but my understanding was you can only get MR once for each chamber regardless of what class of weapon it was - so why are they there, or rather if they're supposed to be in both categories why do they not share mastered status?

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So in the profile UI, I see there are 4 new weapons to master on my account that has everything mastered. They seem to be the 4 kitgun variants as primaries. Despite me already having them previously mastered, they show up as unmastered. I made a spare tombfinger primary and mastered it. Now it no longer shows as unmastered, but the affinity is not added to the total mastery level of my account. Whats supposed to happen here? Should I continue remaking my primary kitguns just for mastery that doesn't even count?Warframe0370.jpg

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With today's patch, a second entry has appeared in my inventory for Catchmoon, Gaze, Rattleguts and Tombfinger. This new entry uses the same icon and name as the previous one, but shows up as unmastered. I presume this has something to do with the upcoming Infested Kitguns, though I presume we're not intended to get Standing twice for the same weapons.


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  • [DE]Saske changed the title to Primary Kitguns appearing as unmastered in profile

If you go to your profile you'll see kitgun heads (catchmoon, gaze, tombfinger, rattleguts) in primary as greyed out. But they will be completed in secondary. And I have kitgun primaries leveled up so it must be a bug that they're showing up at all.

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Kitgun barrels suddenly made an appearance in profile, under "primary" category. That's different from secondary kitguns, and, apparently, requires leveling them to 30 too.

Can anybody confirm that primary kitguns give separate mastery now?

Can somebody from DE say whether it's a bug or not?

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Hi there @Serafim_94 ^^
You don't have to worry: You are not missing out on any mastery points at the moment. Even if you level the primary kitguns again, they will just fill up in your profile.
They definitely 100% do not give you any new/seperate MR-xp at the moment.

Btw, you don't have to build a complete new primary-kitgun if you already have one. Just equip&use that one in a mission, works too^^ (orrr put a Forma in it because the weapon will be very happy to receive a Forma :3)
(I tried all those things & got same result at the end)

So overall this is probably just a visual bug. Nothing big to worry about imo.

Hope this helps!

Edit: here a few screenshots that hopefully proof/explains the stuff I said a little bit^^


Primary Kitguns leveled:

Overall completed items:

My MR-Rank + Mastery Breakdown: (after leveling everything. It remained the same. Otherwise I would be able to reach mr 30)

When looking at some of the numbers, please keep in mind that I am a "Master"-Founder. That is why I have 2 additional items (Excalibur Prime + Skana Prime) and that's why I have probably some slightly different numbers compared to you. (e.g. 589 instead of the usual 587 ^^)
Again, if they would give MR-xp a lot of founders would already be able to reach MR 30. This is not the case^^


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They simply share the part that counts ot the codex really, the blast part i think it was, shotgun, laser, machinegun part, those are shared between primary and secondary Kitgun simply. So if you had those as secondary already you not need primary for Codex and Mastery.

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  • anydeath changed the title to Kitgun chambers dosent show up as maxed (BUG)

I went to go and check my equipment mastered list from the Profile section and I noticed that the equipment not mastered yet were the kitguns - See the first image. I have definitely mastered the kitguns and have forma'd each of them numerous times. I went onto the secondary list specifically next and it says I have completed all of them and it shows that the kitguns were indeed mastered - I show in the second image the kitgun Catchmoon being mastered as an example.


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You need to craft and equip primary Kitguns. They have they own statistics now. You will not get mastery points for them, but you need to craft them. If you already have primary kitgun, complete one mission with equipped primary kitgun and will count towards statistics. Also you didn't make screenshot of your Primary weapon statistics.

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