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Killing For Energy, Without The Rng


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first off, this thread ISNT gonna be about trying to revolutionize or overhaul the energy system, i think it's largely fine, but it's only one thing that i feel should be changed.


so, right now, there's three ways to get energy, [1]killing enemies for energy, [2] breaking canisters, and [3] energy siphon. i think [2] and [3] is fine, breaking canisters for a boost for energy, and energy siphon for a passive regen is fine. what i this needs improving, and what ill focus on, is [1]killing enemies for energy.


here's what i think it's wrong with it, killing to replenish energy is fine, what is not fine is whether there will be energy from the kill is locked behind a RNG check. it means a squad of enemies, on average will drop , say, 50 energy (2 orbs), but occasionally, they can drop ALOT, or NONE at all. and when i tried to ask myself "why is this layer of RNG even here?" the only answer i found was "it really shouldnt be"


instead of enemies having a chance to drop a 25 energy orb, a sizable amount of energy, why not have each KILL reward energy, but only a small amount, the average energy granted per kill dont need to be changed. this throws the layer of RNG out the window. so we no longer have the problem of RNG screwing us over and not giving a single orb over several rooms of enemies.


as for co-op very team mate that contributed to the kill should gain some energy, whether it's the full amount or a portion.


this could also remedy how "nuke ults" are spammable right now, given you kill enough enemies per cast. using weapons to kill enemies should give more energy per kill than powers should, so there's no longer the perpetual cycle of using ults to nuke large amount of enemies. kills done by powers could either dont give energies at all, or have a penalty.


i think energy orbs should continue to drop from canisters, this are a good bonus, and promotes exploration.

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kolos certain frames cant afford to take the downside to that corrupt mod, also i rather just get something like a weapon mod that gives you energy for dealing damage or killing things, that way your sacrificing weapon dps for energy regen

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I never have problems with energy unless I'm trying to rush things. With the new corrupted mods you can get 75% cost reduction pretty easily.


it's not about having "problems" with the lack of energy, the issue i was trying to point out is there is a unnecessary layer of RNG.


edit:also, as a side effect, a way to remedy the perpetual Nuking ult problem.


edit2: and, im not saying the current system doesnt work, im saying there's room for improvements.

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