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  • Change Corpus announcer to not have the same voice as Lotus because that is just weird and wrong (Still, lubb your voice M{r}s. Ford). If by chance she is NOT the Corpus announcer, and my ears betrayed me, then I apologize but request at the same time to change the voice actress, because that sounds way too similar. I wouldn't have a problem with having a more robotic sounding vocals there.
  • Some of Lotus' voice lines are not in line in volume, tone, and sometimes even effect overlay with everything else. Please make sure that you use the same equipment when recording and apply the same effects, even if you think you can do better and improve. It will sound odd and leave a feeling of "this wasn't done well". If you use different mixes, please apply these to all other files for consistency too. Please also make sure that Rebecca speaks in about the same vocal style. As a musician, I know that it helps getting in line with the voice by hearing older recordings for the related track and voice along them to get the feel again.
  • I noticed after some warframe profile videos on youtube, Lotus voice has a different effect to it, not the radio-static overlay. I've also read the sticky in this forum regarding Lotus 2.0. Considering the mystery behind the Tenno and Lotus, it would be pretty neat to have Lotus talk to you ingame not with the radio static voice, but with this effect laden thing. "Talking straight to your Soul, Tenno, you're never alone. You cannot hide your dirty thoughts from me... now stop getting ideas about those Ancients..."



  • I really enjoy the music themes, as well as the dynamic music indicator of combat. I'd like to see more combat variations depending on the faction you are currently fighting, as the ambient music does that quite well already.
  • You might as well do what many games did (Freelancer was a very early example) and have 3 phases of music. "Ambient" if the tile you are in is empty. "Danger" if the tile you are in is inhabited by enemies but you have not yet been spotted. "Combat" being obvious, but it could trigger only when enemies actually spot you, so you keep the tension-themed music from "Danger" as long as you do stealth kills.
  • It might just be me, but it would be wonderful to have more and different lobby music. I like the soft humming, but it wouldn't hurt to have more depth to it.
  • While you are at it, please make sure it doesn't stop repeating after a while. I don't think it is a "bug" per se, hence it is in the suggestion section. I think it is more of a "We don't think someone would spend so much time in the lobby for the music to actually run out" but you know, being afk a lot and spending lots of time testing things in the Lobby UI does have this effect so spend lots of time there :D
  • I am amazed how you dared taking - and apparently succeeding - copy of the obvious Terminator Theme with your percussion :3 Or did you have to make a deal or was it not really a problem because it is "just a rhythm / percussion"?
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you know... just about everything you talked about has been talked about in livestreams.



I am amazed how you dared taking - and apparently succeeding - copy of the obvious Terminator Theme with your percussion :3 Or did you have to make a deal or was it not really a problem because it is "just a rhythm / percussion"?

please do not imply that DE is infringing on some copyright.

they are not.

any likeness is coincidence or your imagination.

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I am not implying a copyright infringement, please don't get me wrong. It was a mere question, as noted later on. At that point I'd like to politely point out that rhythm patterns are hard to be susceptible to imagination, as they are much clearer to distinguish than patterns of notes. We also know that copying is one form of flattery, and I do believe that Warframe as a game is great enough to be linked in grand status to a great movie score of great movies.


As for the live-stream, I admit not having the time to go through all live streams because of numerous other things I like / want / have to do. If you could point out the livestream in question, I might take a closer look at it. If they really covered every single thing that I suggested here, then either the topic can be removed due to being redundant or stay for "appreciatoin's sake."

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