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i need help with a price check


So recently i unveiled and cycled a lesion riven mod 2 times and i wanted to check it's price.So this is what i got 

Lesion Crita-Visipha:

+120% critical Chance(x2 for heavy attack)

+57.4 heat dmg

+105,8 melee dmg

-27.5 attack speed

Any info would greatly help,and ty in advance

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that lesion riven is in what's popularly called the trash category

someone might like the stats on it on a superficial level, without understanding their role and merit in a build

melee rivens with -attack speed are automatically trash however (unless for a statstick)

all in all you could try baiting someone for 50-100p

as for why the riven is so bad that's probably not the topic here

i'll just say a viable lesion riven almost doesn't exist, brcause of weapon mechanics and current low dispo

critical damage, attack speed, range, neg might work but it is barely better than a standard mod

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rivens of any kind do not have any kind of ballpark figure, minimum or average price, they are all worth whatever someone is willing to pay for whatever weapon they just happen to like using, in that case you make up any old price then the haggling if any commences.

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