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The Hunt Mode


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I've recently thought, with all the ninja'ness, conclaves should get a different mode with enforced silent weapons like bows. Have a pretty vast area and remove any and all kinds of identicators of enemy location and in some way make them blend more with the background. It should be a 1 shot 1 kill type of mode so it doesn't become filled with rhinos or rage + quick thinking mod users and have a defaulted set of weapons for all players so it's equal and determined only by who is the better hunter.
The only indications of from where your enemy is shooting, assuming he misses his first shot, would be the trajectory of the stuck arrow in the wall/rock and also a little feuture where tenno can pick up the vibrations the arrow caused through the air and vaguely pin point your enemies location. Or rather actually see the vibrations in the air from the direction the shot came from. You couldn't just spam your arrows as it would have a custom load/charge time to actually make you decide when to shoot so you don't miss and give away your position, possibly turn the tide of hunting and be hunted.

Or, now that I think about it, players could just have a shade-like stealth animation by default for the camouflage, but more visible yet still giving a blend if standing still.

If something like this has been suggested already then oh well, if not and someone likes it then feel free to give your own ideas on it.

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