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Corpus 'hackframe' Concept Art


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I thought that this should be on here better than being on the Fan Arts.


Midnight sketches of, 'What if the Corpus developed a warframe type Boss using stolen tech?'

convo from the other post says it would be nice to have a 2 phase, "boss were able to deactivate your skills or hack your weapons."



First sketch done at stupid o'clock



iPad render, that I did for a laugh. (note that it not really the style I normally go for, since I'm an Industrial Designer)



Sketchbook sketch before using the iPad.


Feedback wanted for character development.

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Hence I didn't name it a Warframe, I felt sorry for the Human Corpus - as they just run around with a, what looks like an orange rubber spacesuit.


Plus the amount of Tenno/Ori tech been stolen and backwards engineered skills, it fits the mechanical engineering style that the Corpus has, less organic Tenno Warframe, more exo-suit with special powers

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Maybe it might be used as a new Corpus type, like a tougher Corpus. I would think that would be Corpus Security, so that way, instead of just Crewman, Corpus send in Security teams that are armed with Flux Rifles or a new weapon.

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