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Captura of Deimos Contest [Winners Announced]!

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2 minutes ago, Casardis said:

The Deimos Necralisk scene is usable as an entry, and that's gotten by default after completing the Heart of Deimos quest. If you can't afford the other scenes, or haven't grinded to Rank 5 to get the Cambion Drift scene reward, then you can simply use that one.

Ooh I don't even remember getting that. Thanks!

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Took in captura, unsure what the parameters of EDITED means. I adjusted focus, lighting and what not thru captura. but didn't use any outside editing software.


Unedited by outside source, adjusted in captura.



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7 minutes ago, (PS4)corpusbonds said:

So if I edited it with the filters in Captura, does that count as edited or unedited?

"Edited" in this case means altering the image outside of Captura. I'll edit the post to clarify! Thanks for asking

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My Mind Control Loki with an Infested Flyer sidekick, Hydroid Deluxe Djinn Dirigia sentinel and finally with Fass in the background.

Does messing with Captura settings count as editing?




Oscira Bow Skin and its respective arrow

Kodami Loki Tennogen skin+helmet (Prime Parts on)

Snake sigil

Sigma Series Chest Piece

Paradiso arms and legs

Palia Syandana but can't be seen here

Edit: Forgot to mention, Captura is the Cambion Drift Captura!

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