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Captura of Deimos Contest [Winners Announced]!

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"Deimos: Necramechs Invasion"
(Edited screenshot)


- Tenno, I received strong signals of seismic activity from Deimos. After analyzing the data, everything points to traces of an Entrati's family ancient weapon for fighting the Sentients in the Old War.
The mechanical monsters that protected the Heart of Deimos got out of control. Strong... Don't feel pain and fatigue. Have no pity and mercy... Necramechs.



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I made an Imgur account for this, hopefully this is an eligible entry. Neither of these 2 images are edited outside of the limits the captura interface gives us. Both photos feature my Nyx Prime, though one of them is similar to others I've seen hence the second one. 

http://Warframe Deimos captura contest entries -can I do multiple? https://imgur.com/gallery/d2S6pfv 

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