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Captura of Deimos Contest [Winners Announced]!

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this is the image I chose to participate in the contest and it is called "the umbra gone crazy for the second time" it is the story of umbra who escapes from the tenno and finds herself at the necralisk and kills everyone starting with the mother, the subject of the photo. P.S. i use google translate sry my english is not so good.

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Image Link: https://imgur.com/a/Jnukas3 

Edited response (edited in Adobe After Effects) 

Went for a banner style as I thought this would be an original concept for the contest :D

This gate is the path to Necraloid. He will guide you in your path to aquire the Necramech which aids you in keeping the infested at bay in the Cambion Drift... 

(image resolution: 2160x3840)

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