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Captura of Deimos Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Adventure awaits us in the infested lands ... called Drift cambion, starting with Necrolisk 

Here is my capture for the contest (it's edited,but the only edit I put on is the brightness)

I repeat the contest again because I do not know if I had already put it or not, I hope you forgive me


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I sincerely give up everything and I know that I will fail miserably but at least I want to leave the best I have so I don't feel like crap.

In a way it was edited because I took it out and put it in twice but I want you all to know that initially this was the screenshot I had put in but for some reason I changed my mind and left another screenshot. 

So there is my limbo back. The image itself was not edited and the capture was made in Deimos Necralisk Scene. 


I sincerely regret not leaving it initially and they will probably discard my screenshot because I changed it, but at least I want to leave something beautiful when they go to see it. All the best for you who can do something assistable different from me who did a total rubbish.

And I'm sorry for all this.

the name of this work of art is: I am trash :I

To create this effect, I used a game bug, I hope you don't mind. I hope you like :I

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This is my first time when I take part in a contest like this, so I haven´t already get a feeling for good fotos.


1. Tenno asking himself: What is it?




2. Tenno's thougths: How can I put THIS Void Beam to my AMP? 



If it is not allowed to post the same foto with different angles, then my submission will by the first one(Tenno asking himself: What is it?).


Ps.: My headings are not very creativ, I know😭

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Here we go! This is it, my capture image entry edited in Photoshop.

Took several pictures to make the final image, the trick was only a one camera position and different poses.

I had to make and select various Warframe loadouts by try and error with Capture 3 light setup, Burn and Fade filter, simulate Boilers Infested to spawn over 12 enemies, and used Nidus Ravenous ability for enhance a little the background.

I decided to use Xacu as an "vanquished operator" to show the "good vs. bad boys" warframes on Deimos Rift theme.
The composition was made with Photoshop: color correction, brush strokes, masks ... basically ... and a lot of coffee drinks as well.

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Um, greetings?

The rules say "one submission per player", which is not really clear whether it's one post or one picture. Anyway, better not risk it and post a single picture. It's made with in-game tools only, so it could be stated as a non-edited, right? Or does it mean it has not to be edited at all, like, also have no Captura filters and effects applied? Guess it's been mentioned somewhere that by "edited" they mean side software and tools. Oh well, let's go with this:

No title.
The inscription says Nature is a thing you bring with you even to the most corrupted places.

We shouldn't forget that this game is not only about destroying everything you touch.


P. S. I've made a couple more fancy pictures for the contest there, all a bit and rather different. Hope I didn't mess it up with this choice.


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