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Captura of Deimos Contest [Winners Announced]!

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unedited (No edit outside of Captura-Mode.)
Nothing special or fancy tbh, just my Chroma.

Good luck to everyone! So far there are already a lot of nice Screenshots in this thread 😄

How to directly post a picture instead of just a link - small advice:
There are multiple ways to do this. I personally just upload my screenshot to a discord server and then copy&paste the discord-screenshot-link here in my post. That way it gets automatically displayed (and I don't have to use other websites for uploading)

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penguins~ (and a small tip for other players)
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"A new Journey" Un-Edited



I chose Excalibur since he's the most iconic frame in Warframe and is straight up badass, it took me a lot of time playing around with settings and getting the position right so hopefully it makes up for it :)

It was shot in the Deimos Necralisk Scene since this is were we get introduced to Deimos, reason to why I chose Excalibur to empower the "yet another journey begins" feeling like when we first got introduced into Warframe. 


While the imagine above is what I want to use as my entry, I also want to share some other proud takes that could be used as well :)

https://imgur.com/a/6lBHy9R - https://imgur.com/a/Zo8oCSn (Xaku, same scene, Un-Edited)


Sincerely, Steven aka iMMortster. Gl everyone!

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"The void is a vast otherworld of infinite energy - we are but specks of dust entangled in its entropy."


My two submissions below capture my three favorite things: big mysteries in Warframe, the Void, and Fashion Frame!!


The Man in the Wall - unedited, captura only (tweaked grain, saturation, DoV and Depth + FoV settings to achieve the right amount of blur)

RAP... TAP... TAP...


Ft. Necralisk Captura Scene in Loid's Chamber - Revenant


The Jade Light - edited, photoshop (hue & saturation)

*OVER 9000*


Ft. Necralisk Captura Scene, same Loid's Chamber - Xaku using The Vast Untime


I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed the 257 total attempts in making them!


P.S. Don't ask me how I got down there - it's a ninja secret :3


P.S. P.S. The spoiler is just a link to the raw image used for The Jade Light submission


Just gonna add a link to the unedited version of The Jade Light: https://imgur.com/oBeMEUD Because I'm really proud of how Xaku portrayed being vaporized by a giant beam of light UwU


Addendum: If one submission per category is not allowed, I would prefer The Jade Light - the edited captura submission to be the one granted validity <3

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I had to upload the pictures correctly hahaha I was still doing the [img] [/img] approach and the pictures didn't display so there ^_^ (2nd edit to add a link to the raw pic of The Jade Light) (3rd edit to address the two categories submission thingy)
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Outside of captura edited picture

Grendel got his new shiny mech taken away by mother and put under a lockdown because he caused a ruckus with it in Necralisk..

He also got bonked on the head because he was throwing a tantrum. :(

When will he get it back? He doesn‘t know..

(Anyway this was fun to edit and having to switch frames mid-captura because of khora‘s dome as you can see, was interesting because i didn‘t know if abilities will get canceled upon switching)


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