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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.1.1

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3 minutes ago, Mephane said:

Way to give me hope for a second there. I love my primary Gaze but the weapon itself is so ugly, and the new skins look so good. Stop making such arbitrary distinctions between what is a rifle and what isn't.

Also - don't stop with kitguns.  Many other rifles cannot use these skins, e.g. Trumna, Basmu, Fulmin (and don't say but the mode switch mechanic, I hate holding it like that with the drum in my hand, so I would gladly lose that visual part of the mode switch).

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Hey there, we surely appreciate your hotfixes, but in my opinion the client has some more serious problems.
I'm gonna leave the list here. Will probably update this over time. So, if only someone could start fixing these...
  • No votekick or leave squad option (last one could be working everywhere)
  • No independent extraction - using button press on the extraction door
  • No independent extraction from RJ missions
  • Double doors are still with us
  • Wall strikes are still with us
  • Host migration is still with us (the end of 2020 is around the corner)
  • There's no proper way to expose items for trades - PoE way could do, trade chat is trash
  • Enemy spawn algorithms are still trash
  • Camera is way too close to the frame on the hubs - we understand, it was made specially to induce vomit reflex, but please, let us adjust the distance
  • RJ's arti is unable to aim faraway targets because of poor mouse support and lack of magnification
  • Said poor mouse support also helps aiming with sniper rifles
  • A lot of blinding particles around to help aiming better as well
  • Someone is still eager to implement atrocious RNG designs and worst trashpractices to keep people in
  • Loadout-dependent gear wheel and also better gear wheel management - it's a feature request tho
  • Vazarin nerf is trash
  • Pookong is not nerfed enough so far
  • End mission screen is still trash
  • Exodia Contagion critical chance is still bugged
  • Netcode and matchmaking are still bad
  • Bugged navigation
  • Something wrong with exposure
  • Chat links implementation is trash
  • Chats for different reg client are unaccessible (eg. russian chat for english client)
  • Different space and ship scales for RJ is trash
  • Blood rush is bugged for clients again. Fun thing tho, let it be.
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No fixes for necramech rare mod drop rates, necramech radar, necramech vacuum. These are the things that I think need addressing sooner rather than later, and I've shelved the content for now because i know that farming for the necramech mods is just insane, and I dont want to do so without basic QoL improvements like radar and vacuum in my mech.

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9 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Fish Bait falling through the water in the cave during ‘Fish For Clues Phase 1 of the Profit-Taker Heist.

Can someone confirm if this quest is now accessible where previously it wouldn't progress past the fishing? 

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changing to operator disables scanner for some reason
deimos has not reliable standing farming sources (you need at least 25 minutes to cap standing when for others its 5-10 minutes)
Bile is way to resource eating
Helminth should have "infinite feed" after some number of frames/levels has been reached since the ammount for some of them is ridiculus
Fog on plains of eidolon after recent patch is looking weird and makes you feel like its moving when you move your screen, distracing eyes and tiring eyes, kinda artifact-like
Other than that good job, game is great and on its way to the best keep up the good job!
PS: Love xaku rework, only thing which makes me feel bad is that hes addicted to range (strength or duration should increase numbers of weapons aswell but not 1per1 enemy, kinda like 2 per 1 enemy till capping the 16 weapons) or make him stack his weapons if reused till the cap of x. That way other builds would be aswell viable, dmg to grineer is still kinda on the low side, void damage should in some way tear armor apart.

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thanks for the hotfix

for the missing flower problem i send a ticket to support because the previous script did nothing, and they told me to post it in the bug section and they can't solve it
i know some of them are clipping on the wall but still can't find all of them

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