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Sly Vulpaphyla's "jelly" aura framerate bug

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So, when the Sly Vulpaphyla  uses her ability to give you evasion - you get that "aura" that shows you get the evasion bonus. But - it causes this transparent "jelly" to appear, making it impossible to aim, and when you zoom in - it heavily drops framerates. Plus  you don't see  Sly Vulpaphyla's evasion buff in status bar - nor how long it gonna last.EiOUSEGWsAEc2X0.pngEiOUSEtXcAAkbLT.png

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I have the same bug when using sly vulpaphyla on xaku and wisp , the sly’s ability creates a very cool but horrible wave like effect that prevents me from seeing anything and frames crap out when it happens , so im guessing this is happening to alot of people with different warframes. Its a cool looking effect but it sucks really bad lol 

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