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Give pets mercy invincibility time on revival

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I know I'd made this thread before, but since there is still no change here I am making it again.

Please add mercy invincibility time for pets after they are revived, same as what frames have. Most companions tend to be fragile and so die often on high levels. Which is frustrating on its own, but what's even more frustrating is that very often once they are revived they immediately go down again. It's especially infuriating if what's killed them is a toxic cloud, and since pets are too stupid to move away they die instantly if the cloud hasn't dispersed by that time. So they keep dying and dying again, sometimes it feels they spend more time downed than active. And then there're moas, who seem to be made out of wet tissue paper and so die from every sneeze.

Long story short, please give pets mercy invincibility.

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Completely agree, many a time i've had a pet get stuck in a location due to a path finding bug or something and i have to sit there reviving it over and over and over until the game realises the cat should move. Even if its just 2 seconds. The pets dont give much if any of a damage increase and are 99% there for utility and support which is useless when they never get the chance to do such things. A small invulnerability period would be great for companions.

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