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The Helminth should not be allergic to the Helminth Charger

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,This is a minor gripe, sure, but considering that the Helminth Charger is made from the Helminth, it doesn't make sense why the Helminth would react to it in the way it does.

I understand that the Helminth Charger is treated in the game's code as a Kubrow, but it has always been treated differently; it can't use Kubrow-specific mods and you have to go through the whole Helminth Cyst process to breed it as opposed to just having an egg.

That's why I think that the Helminth should have a different animation from other Kubrows when interacting with the Helminth Charger. I honestly think it would work if you just re-used the Kavat interaction animations on the Helminth Charger, you don't even have to create brand new animations for it.

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