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Jailbroken devices are not under Apple's Nazi regime. So that could still be an option.

Technically illegal in some respects, depending on how much authority you (or a judge) give an EULA for a device. That said, you would still need the binary (ipa) to load onto the device. DE probably can't provide this, and definitely not instructions on how to put it on such a device for legal reasons, as that would basically be encouraging users to jailbreak their iOS devices, which I'm sure Apple would have an expensive legal issue with.

So unless DE is willing to disclose the webservice/network protocols the app makes to get the alert information which would allow others to make binaries/executables/websites to do the same (and not just for iOS), I doubt this route will happen.


Apple's review process is.... fickle. I've seen some really bad apps get approved for $2-5, like they are just basic text or a few youtube videos that have made it past the review process. Their [Apple's] guidelines say that the more expensive an app the more likely they are to scrutinize it, yet the Warframe app is free, so why does it need more content? In essence its a twitter feed filter (for now). 

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