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Further Evolution of Helminth

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So... I've been playing with Helminth, subsuming re-built frames and such... and I had a thought.

Why limit Helminth exclusively to abilities that already exist on frames? And no, I'm not talking about the "Helminth abilities" like Infested Mobility.

What I'm suggesting is that you can subsume a second copy of the same frame... to get a whole new ability from that frame that isn't currently in their ability kit, but is themed after that frame.

So for example, Mag. Let's say you've already fed Mag to Helminth, and can put Pull on any frame. Now you go subsume a second Mag and get an ability similar to what we saw in that new opening cinematic. It lets you charge up a "bullet absorb" field that draws in all enemy fire within a certain radius, and then when you release it, it explodes for a bunch of damage. (random spitballing idea, if you hate it, that's fine - focus on the Helminth part.)
Maybe this ability can go on any frame, maybe it's limited just to Mag (and replaces Crush?), maybe a mix of both.

The point is that this second ability isn't actually a part of the frame's kit, but is an ability that fits their theme. Sort of like evolving a whole new ability from that frame's particular strain of Infestation.

I feel like this would expand the Helminth into a much more interesting and creative direction. It would provide a decent method of picking and choosing "alternative" abilities for our frames. (like how in Heroes of the Storm, you can pick from two different ultimates)

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16 minutes ago, Voltage said:

Regrind every Warframe for a third time with unique rewards for doing so. I could get behind that.

Well, I mean... most frames aren't THAT hard to grind.

There's just certain outliers... like Nidus. Or Khora.

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I hate it, this time was a nice reminder of how many terrible grinds I wanted to forget. 

We'll get a new ability with every frame, and all the abilities so far to add to that new frame. They'll be struggling to balance outliers for ages, another 40 something abilities to originate as well as balance is ridiculous. 

Better is to expand the Helminth to other features, like companions or Archwings.

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