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Mega Man X Warfrane ideas


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2 hours ago, Cobalt313 said:

Arm Cannon primary with Staticor charge shot mechanics?

Technically Hildryn = bulky Mega Woman X while Excalibur = Zero. Lol

But not only would it be considered copyright or plagiarism, but there wouldn’t be much to do that hasn’t already been done for previous frames. There would nothing new. Might as well give a frame chroma’s passive, Exalted blade, Balefire, Mach Rush, and Sol Gate. Then boom, a mega man wannabe. Have the passive change the element that the abilities inflict. 

Some player may like the option to sort of create their own frame and by unlocking and leveling each and every one of them, they unlock the abilities for them as well to be placed on a customizable frame. But then it would be kind of a mess. Can’t be expecting every game to have something like that. Plus warframes are actual beings. Not just some robot built in a lab. They have memories, origins, some come with lores. So it wouldn’t make sense to implement something that takes that concept away. 

So in the end, such a cross over concept wouldn’t exactly work. 

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1 hour ago, vanaukas said:

May pick your interest: 


Was genuinely interesting - makes me think that I should ask to move some of my gubbinz to general or feedback because you seem to have a real back and forth going in the thread.  On a more contextual note, it would be great to be able to modify focus schools, kind've like the old/new Covenant system from WoW: Shadowlands. I hate having to choose Zenurik for ED, when I much prefer Vazarin's insta-revives on longer missions.

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