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Bug - Mastery Rank

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23 minutes ago, Mulchman said:

It's something else then.

I had  2,229,942 points before creating any primary kitguns and I have  2,229,942 points after creating, gilding, and ranking to 30 all 4 primary kitgun barrels. They don't provide Mastery.

I found out that after using the primaries it removed their mastery from my secondary count. Very weird behavior.

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you guys have possibly missing some other weapon.

I have just calculated my my points, and all fits in without a bug. 2.206.273 points in total. missing are 12k from founders pack, 1000 from necramech as it is level 25, 6000 from 2 missing weapon, 5772/27501 from steel path.

currently my profile show 584/588; 2 are primary kitguns and other 2 are Athodai and Azima are just missing.

what are not shown are founders triplet and necramech.

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