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Corpus and Infested "Liches"

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I am not sure if these are in the works or not, but I kind of had this idea that the other factions might look at the Grineer Liches and would like to copy that "Success" seeing they kind of do counter the Tenno. Now really quick, I know that Liches Spawn because of Kuva and Kuva is kind of limited to Grineer. These are more so just my ways of thinking of how the factions might get around that.

First, the Corpus.
Being the more Robotic faction, I would imagine they would invest quite a bit into trying to figure out how to defeat, capture, or even harvest Warframes, hell, its already happening in Alad V, and now having some investment in Sentient tec, well, we have an interesting combo.
Basically, a "Volunteer" might be pulled from whatever life they where living, soldier, mechanic... so on, to be operated on, flesh bonded with tec isn't something all that too new to Corpus, but with sentient tec, well, that could be interesting, giving a select "Soldier" some abilities that before only Tenno had access too, but its incomplete, it needs a spark, and like with Liches, need to be stabbed with a very special part to activate what lies within them.
When they are "Knocked down" they go back and get repairs, more surgery, they make gear that counter some of your abilities or weapons, so on. They basically work like a Lich. Given there is already a system to take out Liches I say we barrow form that, maybe a few new "Mods" that let you do it, or maybe a big final mission boss style. Not all that too sure.
As for weapons, these are more based on Corpus design, made as laser weapons, energy or plasma based, special customizations by the said "Lich" give them different functions, like a charged alternate attack, or the like. Given how creative this community can be I am half way tempted to leave it to you, the reader, to come up with some different weapon ideas.

Now for the infested
Now, small spoiler alert, we learned that Warframes where made of the infested, or part of it from what I understand, so a small part of me could imagine a "Warframe" made by the infested to suit its needs, acting as the faction's Lich. I know we have an infested warframe, but the point of it is more this, the infested dedicates a special unit "Pod walkers" to wander around, their sole goal is to collect some spare energy from your warframe. Inside is a collected mass carefully arranged to "give birth" to a new being who will begin their campaign to defeat you, or add you to the collective mass.
It will act like a "Lich" of the other two factions, evolving new defenses as you defeat it, fears and so on, but I think being infested their weapons would be special. Being infested, the "Growth" will have a weapon that grows and is part of it, so when you "Harvest" said weapon, well, this weapon would do the same for you when you have it equipt, using your energy to incress damage, your hp as ammo, so on.

Weapons and evolution
I will just admit out-front, as much as I would like to dream up weapons, damage said weapons do, so on, well, as I said in the Corpus, I feel the colective Comunity would have more fun with the ideas seeing all the Lich weapons are is just repaints of existing weapons, so maybe dreaming up compleetly new weapons should be left up to a group instead of one person. As for how they develop, I have a rough idea, but again, well, these are two different factions, and I am not the biggest lore buff so again, maybe best to let you guys talk out how they evolve.

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They've been talking about adding them for a while now, actually. I was hoping that Corpus liches would come next after Deadlock Protocol (maybe related to Parvos Granum and his specters somehow, or else Alad V's Amalgams), but instead we got Deimos....

Fortunately, Deimos opens up possibilities for Infested liches.

I'm hoping their next content push is updating both Liches and Railjack with the other factions.

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Ah, that I was unaware of. I was just thinking how interesting it would be to have posibly 3 kinds of trouble on you at once.

Also, just to be hones,t I really hope it isn't dropped to the back burner and given a "basic" thing like our Railjacks... or the kiddos growing up.

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Well, for now my biggest hope is we don't get "Copy paste" kind of deal, I mean, I am fine with how it starts out being the same or at least super similar, but if we are going to be chalanged to take down the other factions, I hope it is somethign besides just glyphs in an order, like maybe for the Corpus you have to hack them, or the Infested its a form of toxin/antitoxin kind of thing where you carry the items into the mission as gear to protect yourself form them or use a life steal mecanic agenst them.

Also, if they do like the did with the Kuva weapons... anyone here curios what a "Kuva Lenz" would look like?

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В 20.09.2020 в 21:42, (PSN)Solevnt_Golem сказал:

I was just thinking how interesting it would be to have posibly 3 kinds of trouble on you at once.

Kuva Lich: *busts through a wall* PREPARE FOR TROUBLE!
Corpus Lich: *gets out of the floor* AND MAKE IT DOUBLE!
Infested Lich: *breaks out of the ceiling* SCREEEEEEEEEEEE

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