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What exactly does color correction do in Warframe?

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4 минуты назад, Kaotyke сказал:

You see different tinctures when you use some abilities, like Invisibility and standing in the middle of Bastille.

So if i disable/enable color correction Loki's invisibilty filter will not be yellow piss anymore?

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Color Correction make the visual looked better. With it off things looked a bit more bland. 

They fixed experiencing colorblind when using Loki's Invisibility with Color Correction on.

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There are a few changes, most noticeable it will disable filters not just for Lokis invis or Mesas Peacemaker, but you can't use any in capture, too.
If i'm not making captura pictures I usually turn it of, since I dislike the coloured filter on Mesa and Valkyr.








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