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Suggestion: Tranq gun widgets?


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After an *extremely* frustrating attempt at hunting on Deimos, hearing the beep of something nearby but finding nothing unless it was being eaten by other infested, tranq-ing a target only to get surprised by infested popping up out of nowhere and making me reflexively kill the enemy... and the tranq-ed animal, and other 'fun' things, I feel like hunting needs to be improved a little. After letting myself calm down some, I tried to think what would work best to make hunting a little less frustrating from my perspective, and an idea hit me. Tranq gun widgets. Here are some of the ideas I had.

Again, I'm considering the level of technology that exists in the game, as well as what would most likely be integrated into a Warframe; it seems hard to believe any gun using a scope wouldn't be able to be upgraded... if it hadn't already.

Directional sensors. Either through a similar 'faster, higher beeping' like the mining laser, or arrows in the scope, the tranq gun gains the ability to help you home in on what it's detecting. I personally would prefer the arrows in the scope, just to make it different from mining, and for it to have a bit of a 'homing timer' on it. Basically, the longer you pan around hearing the detection beep, the more accurate the targeting gets at pointing you in the correct direction, until you get a 'lock on' for the animal in question. This would be a very visible red/orange circle with a range under it, just like setting a marker, centered on the animal. The idea of this widget is to reduce the amount of time you spend looking for things that are difficult to see due to the terrain, the lighting and the particle effects you're always dealing with, and even more so on Deimos.

Capture field emitter. This would allow you to fire a protective, containing dome over and downed animal. Since Deimos is a very dangerous place, especially under certain phases, it makes sense that someone would want something like this to prevent a capture from literally being eaten, or to allow them to go in and clear enemies so they could collect their capture safely. The emitter would *not* allow someone to capture an animal; only to contain it to stop it from being damaged *after* it had been tranq-ed.

Enhanced range widget. This one speaks for itself. Adding it to your gun gives you longer range on your shots, and a slightly better zoom on your scope so you can make those longer ranged shots.

Free bait or lures. This one would require some work and purchases, but would make capturing animals a lot less stressful. It's also not really a widget; more of a hunting aid. This item would require you to track a certain number of animals using the normal method until you learned what attracts them. You could then craft a bait or lure that you could place down in areas where you've seen these animals, and it would have a chance of drawing some out. If you were in a zone where there was a beeping sound, or you had already spotted the animal in question, you could toss that bait to draw them out into the open, or to a point where you could snipe them more easily without spooking them. Missed shots while using this would instantly spook them though; not trying to make it *too* easy. But at the same time, it would allow the hunter to decide where the trapping would happen, rather than the environment, which is generally hostile and not prone to wanting to help out.

Hunting blinds. This last one is kind of a 'wild swing' concept. What if you could go to a location on the map that seemed great for hunting, set up a blind that would render you invisible to enemies, lay some bait, and wait to see what came out to be captured, instead of having to chase, track and hopefully capture something? A lot of what people do these gathering missions for is the level of relaxation they feel just going through them. So maybe making it where, after putting in the effort of tracking enough of each animal to gain the ability to craft lures, buying the blueprints and the blueprint for the blind and crafting *that*, then going out into whichever open world someone wanted to hunt in, they could then enjoy a leisurely time of patiently waiting to capture animals they've laid out bait for? It could be made into a kind of mini-game where animals approach from various directions, lured by the bait, and it's up to the person inside to keep a sharp eye out for them, along with some rarer, more cautious animals that don't quite come out into the open, but wander nearby, also drawn closer by the lures? Again, this last one is just an idea of sorts. ^^;

And again, I really would like if the tranq gun would show a more clear outline of the animals it's detecting. Sometimes they're a long way off, and their faintly pulsing outlines are super tiny. When you apply this to things like the Avichaea, which is *already* super tiny, it becomes extremely hard to detect things. My eyes aren't the best either, so when I find myself squinting for hours at the screen, trying to see that faint outline, I've been having issues with headaches afterwards of late, so it would be appreciated.

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Directional tracking and different color beeping are all we really need. On Deimos, a capture field would be pointless since some of the captures have to be attacked if you plan on making the new pets. Capture field would even be pointless in the other areas as well, mergoo are the ones in the Plains that have to be tracked and (insert bird name) are the ones that are crappy to hunt in the Vallis.

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