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I need help, urgently



First forgive my english.
second, I would like to know why after the new 6gb update, the game goes to very little FPS like 6 or 5 FPS when before I ran very well at 50 or 60 FPS with the graphics at medium level.
I tried to put the graphics to the minimum and optimize the cache but even so the low FPS continues to persist, in short it is unplayable for me.

What can I do to fix this problem?
Note: I have played warframe for almost 3 years and never had this problem, after the update I can no longer play: C
I hope you can help me :C
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It would help if you could give a little more information. PC type ? laptop desktop ?

Graphics card info AMD nvidea ? what type.

Also have you checked for the latest drivers ? I use nvidea and the drivers have been updated several times over the last months.

Also did you run the "verify download cache" from the launcher. ?  

Difficult for anyone to really help or try to give an answer with such limited information.

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Agreed, the OP asked so nicely for help but how do you help without any info other than "my FPS dropped from 50 or 60 to 5 or 6"

I mean if I have to guess it sounds like a hardware issue. But it could be that the hard drive is chok full and staggering under the weight of files. I seen a PC do some crazy stuff with a hard drive pushed to over 90% capacity. SSD's seem a little more tolerant of being overloaded with stuff. My neighbour only a week ago was freaking out that his 5 month old PC must have a virus as he could not download and save a movie. Turned out he had never since switching it on ever emptied the trash can. he had less than 10% left on a 1TB drive which was also his Steam library.

Anyways, hopefully angel oscuro comes back with info so someone might be able to assist.

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Thank you very much for trying to help you but you are right I did not put too much information and that is why I apologize.
Now I know what the problem has been, it was the ventilation that connects my laptop apparently no longer works as it should and that is why I lowered the FPS and I sent it to the technician and now I'm playing on a borrowed pc.
Before I go I want to thank you for helping me and I apologize for the lack of info for help, thank you very much bro :) and sorry again for my english if something is wrong.

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Thanks for the reply and good to know you have it sorted.

When you get your laptop back get yourself a laptop riser/cooler and if on a budget just make an H frame. 3 pieces of wood to lift it up. Gives more airflow and helps reduce the amount of dust and rubbish that clogs fans. 

Have fun. :)


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