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Apparently DE still can't figure out NW after YEARS in game.


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14 hours ago, (PS4)guzmantt1977 said:

I think its only 400 creds for the first 30 tiers, then 15 each for the subsequent 60. Still a metric crapload of nitain if that's what you want. And most people can grasp the concept of limited resources, and unlimited wants leading to having to carefully choose what you want to spend your resources on. We always had to try and accumulate nitain over time and never had it drop 5 at a time and it took weeks or months to get enough to get what we needed, depending on how often we played. The new system means that we absolutely can complete most of the weeks challenges in just a few play sessions and for many of us the majority can be completed in just a couple of hours.

(Ironically the people who are most likely to whine about maxing the nightwave standings and not being able to get more creds tend to be more advanced players who don't actually need the vast majority of the offerings, so they are just being silly in my opinion.) 

Agreed, 100%.  

We don't NEED 20 of the same aura.  We don't NEED 400 Nitain.

This really is a non-issue.  I feel like people just need a reason to complain... but it irks the crap outta me when good things get tarnished because these people are bored...

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There's $100 of stuff in x shop.

You can earn $1000.

You're mad you aren't given $1000000, and sooner.

--- How does that sound fair or "better" to anyone, unless you're looking to be lazy and not actually play the game.

It's a free game...and STILL the devs give you access to premium content for FREE if you just put in some TIME and EFFORT.

But you want it NOW for NO EFFORT.  How dare they and their 220+ employees try to get you to play their free, not-a-charity game longer and potentially get some plat sales out of it.  What monsters :p /s

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Everybody's arguing about rewards (as usual), while I'm over here wanting Nightwave to be something more than just a side activity, by integrating it with main content (i.e. quests, open worlds, and tileset remasters) as well as new content releases (i.e. new warframes, weapons, companions, emotes, and even tilesets). I wish this game wasn't 99% about getting rewards.

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Nightwave is a pretty good addition into the game on paper because it basically give the player more agency on what type rewards they are able to earn as compared to alert which is random and also add more lore to the world.

The problem is that DE does not want to or unable to maintain it. By them not wanting to maintain it means that they are not using what the nightwave is meant to do which is replacing the alert system while providing little tidbits of lore in about the world of warframe instead they want it to be a battlepass, a detective minigame or etc.. What I mean not being able to maintain comes from them not pushing out the nightwave content consistently which end up making a session or intermission last way longer than it should without any meaningful goal.

The fact that DE did not make any plan for nightwave for at least a year is mind boggling because it just make this whole feature seem pointless and meaningless where the player just rank up to 30 then just ignore it. If they have lay out a plan for nightwave for at least a year, the player would have something to look forward instead of hoarding onto credit or hating the feature.  

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