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The Beast of All Shapes Warframe

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The Beast of All Shapes
Theme: Werewolf, druid, beast, animal, sun and moon

Passive: While it is night in the Plains of Eidolon, this Warframe gains 20% melee damage. While it is day in the Plains of Eidolon, this Warframe gains 20% shot damage. While on Lua, it is always considered night.

Ability 1: Regrowth: A recent corpse becomes a tree which spawns an energy orb, health orb or ammo. The tree stays for a small time providing temporary cover as trees are taller then Warframes. Only 3 trees can exist at one time.
Strength slightly increases tree size, Duration increases tree existence, Range increases possible corpse targets.

Ability 2: Hawkeye: Transform into a bird! You cannot use any weapons but you can fly fast. Enemy heads within your view are highlighted for you and allies. You can Divebomb into an enemy which deals massive damage and transforms you back. Warframe form becomes a hawk while casting in Savage Form becomes an owl.
Strength increases Divebomb damage, Duration increases transformed time, Range increases your view and enemies highlighted.

Ability 3: Moonlight/Sun Rays: Hold to switch, press button to turn on or off. All allies are affected while within a large aura. Moonlight increases Energy regeneration while Sun Rays increase health regeneration. A tiny moon or sun orb hovers above the Warframe.
Strength increase regeneration effectiveness, Duration reduces energy cost in Sun Ray mode, Range increase the ability aura.


Ability 4: Savage Form: Transform into a werewolf like creature. Cannot use equipped weapons but hands became claws with 3x melee damage. Gains 3x Health, 2x Armor and 3x Speed. Press button again to transform back. Skyrim had excellent werewolves, use that as inspiration.
Strength increases all transformed stats, Duration does nothing, Range increases claw melee range and running speed.


Ability X: Summer/Winter: Hold to switch, press button to turn on or off. All allies are affected while within a large aura. All heat or cold damage is increased by 50%. Enemies within the aura have a chance to suffer a fire or ice status effect.
Strength increases the elemental damage increase and status effect chance, Duration reduces energy cost, Range increases the area effected.


Augment: Became a Bear instead! Savage Form becomes 3x Health, 3x Armor and 2x Speed instead.

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