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The Vengeful Dead Warframe

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The Specter
Theme: Vengeful dead, ghost, skeleton, zombie, necromancy victim, because Wisp is more of a fae then an angry ghost

Passive: Has a %50 percent to ignore Puncture, Impact, and Slash damage. (I wrote this before Xaku...)

Ability 1: Weight of Guilt: Skeleton hands come from the ground and hold enemies in in a circular area of 15m in place for 20 seconds. Hold button to aim.
Strength slightly increases area, Duration increases duration, Range increases the area and effect range.

Ability 2: Ghost Walk: Specter enters the rift (incorporeal), becomes invisible and silent for 1 minute or until another button press.
Strength does nothing, Duration increases time, Range does nothing.

Ability 3: Possession: Take control of target standard enemy for 1 minute or until another button press. You move them and fire their gun and/or swing their claws.
Strength adds Damage, Duration increases time, Range increases target range and slightly adds gun range and/or melee range.

Ability 4: Call of Death: Target standard enemy has a 10 second timer, when that timer runs out the target instantly dies. Deals fatal finisher damage.
Strength does nothing, Duration decreases countdown timer, Range increases target range.

Ability X: Chilling Aura: Each second cost 2 energy and deals X Cold damage within an 15m radius around Specter and causes all enemies to suffer 30% slow.
Strength increases Damage and slow, Duration decreases energy cost, Range increases radius.

Augment: When in Ghost Walk, Specter can walk through enemies dealing X Cold Damage. Strength now increases cold damage.

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