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Heaing Return not working on Orvius?



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44 minutes ago, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:

When dual wielding a pistol with Orvious

I'm not seeing any healing with the Healing Return mod....

Neither with the Throw/Suspension attack, or with directly meleeing up close

What's going on here?

The secondary is what is being considered in that moment, not the melee. You'd probably have to switch to melee mode to actually get the mod's benefit.

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11 hours ago, Tyreaus said:

Make sure you're exploding the Glaive manually, I think before it suspends a target. The heavy attack is only the explosion on Glaive weapons. (Orvius may be a touch finnicky with this btw)

Are you perhaps thinking of "Life Strike" (life steal on heavy attack)? that one does work fine.

The one that isn't working is "Healing Return" (life steal on status effect)

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