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Xata's Whisper status effect makes the Mausolon weaker?


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So I was running Xaku with the Mausolon on Hydron for leveling since I just got the two of them and whenever I activated the first ability I noticed that the enemies with the magnetize bubble seemed to die much slower? And sure enough, when I brought it into the Simulacrum for testing, whenever the void status procced, the Mausolon barely did any damage, even the alt fire left the enemy standing, which I'm guessing is because the bubble only transfers the damage of the projectile itself and not the explosion. I tried this with the Acceltra, Trumna, Sepulcrum and Kuva Bramma, but the damage seemed to stay as it was, but I couldn't test it with the other explosive archguns, so I'm not sure if this issue applies to the Mausolon only. 

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