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Void load in tile audio mismatch


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On the load in tile for various void missions (mostly seen it for Mot but I think it's any of the more random ones) where you are sort of on a big circular grating with a grate under your feet and a turbine (I guess?) underneath, then you go out into the mission via one of two pipes and there are a few lowered water areas.  In that first section where you zone in, the audio is -very- badly mismatched, and while I feel like I should be hearing either 'water' or 'engine' or 'splashes', it doesn't sound like any of those (it's hard to describe but 'definate bug' comes to mind).  I don't normally notice audio issues but this one stuck out very obviously, and I wasn't able to replicate it because getting that tile to load is apparently more on the rare side.


Fake edit: finally got it again.  It almost sounds like a wierd vacuum noise.  Maybe it's supposed to represent the water rushing through these pipes?  It sounds -very- off, and I suspect it's just something accidentally being put through the wrong filter or something.

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