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Gauss Augments & Changes: Focusing His Theme


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Gauss currently has no Augments as he is a relatively new frame and I'm sure the hard working folk at Digital Extremes have some ideas they're testing already, but I'd like to humbly suggest a few of my own. These ideas are to address his status as a Tank and Speed focused frame, allowing him to be more engaging in both regards, broadening his options in combat and travel and giving his tanking abilities a more risk-reward orientated gameplay.

=The Problems with Gauss=

The complaints I most often hear from high-MR players regarding Gauss is that his tanking is too powerful for how cheap and easy it is - being able to absorb 100% of common damage types simply by running in a circle to keep battery built up isn't exactly as engaging or fun compared to, say, Inaros' health sacrificing and finisher gameplay (which is flawed in itself and perhaps not the best example), or Atlas' Rubble passive and invulnerability during Landslide.
I also hear from players in general, no MR range in particular, that Thermal Sunder is lacklustre in impact. High MR players have paradoxically noted that using Redline, then doing both versions of Thermal Sunder is a powerful way to deal damage and even stronger means of applying status and cause CC knockdowns at any level. While this combination isn't exactly any easier than other damage methods, it seems to go against the resource-balancing "thinking on your feet" gameplay that Gauss has been apparently designed around.
From my own perspective as a humble MR12 player (On and off since 2013), he is the most fun frame I own, the most interesting to build for, and one of the most fun to use so-called "meme" builds with - maximising speed through as many means as possible and reaching 170° FoV while sprinting across the Planes of Eidolon, navigating around rocks and constructs, sprinting 'cross the waters and arriving early to the objective like an introvert to a house party. He's very fun as-is, I don't want that changed, nobody seems to have issue with his speed abilities, but I frankly believe that he could do with some more options for how to employ that speed for evasion and less focus on tanking via taking hits with little risk.


Poring over the forums to find thought provoking remarks about Gauss, I found some quotes that summarise his flaws quite well, as well as creative suggestions:


Garuda, harrow, nidus. Im no stranger to hitting a lot of buttons and actually trying (maybe not so much on nidus) to get a noticable effect.

Gauss feels like a lot of button presses to just do a small amount of really uninteresting things. Those button presses are all just to serve 1 singular mechanic, keeping his mach gague up which fuels your kinetic plating, ability to use fire on thermal sunder, and charging up redline. If i didnt have to worry about that, Id hit 2 and 4 and just not do much else for a full minute outside of using mach rush to get around occasionally or thermal sunder to cc stuff.



My opinion on Gauss is that while his whole kit fit his theme, two powers in particular are awkward in his kit.

  • Kinetic Plating enters in contradiction with the whole principle of being a fast fighter : you will not get hit that much if you go fast, so you need to slow down, and that shouldn't be a thing IMO. Gauss should be encouraged to go fast as often as possible. It's also too faction dependant since it only blocks physical, cold, heat and blast damage.
  • Thermal Sunder requires you to slow down too much if you want to not whiff it due to its centric AoE nature a short-ish radius.

I'd like to see the following changes applied :

  • Make Kinetic Plating reduce all kind of damage, but scale the damage reduction depending on how fast you're going. The faster you go, the more DR you get. Highest value would also linger for something like 3 seconds, so you don't get instantly disintegrated if you need to slow down for a sharp turn or pick up a datamass.
  • Remove the "energy on hit" effect, and add a hold function to Kinetic Plating that simply allows you to convert battery power into energy. That function would be useable at any time, even while using Mach Rush.
  • Change the targetting of Thermal Sunder into something that wouldn't require you to slow down as much, though I couldn't find the best solution yet. I think freeform targeting could work (cast at reticle location), but I am not sure about it, and it would also give a huge yet unneeded buff to that ability (so something else on that ability will need to be tuned down to compensate).

Some QoL would also be great.

  • Make Kinetic Plating a toggleable, so you don't have to press 2 every minute or so.


Additionally I've seen another valuable idea from a user [3] on the forums that Mach Rush should automatically work Gauss around obstacles as any other frame could via parkour like ledge grabbing or wall running. This would allow him to perform the same agility that Titania and Wukong are capable of, but with no intangibility and greater speed.


=Augment Concepts=

  • Mach Rush Augment - (Possible Name: "Crash Course") Colliding no longer ceases Mach Rush, it instead deflects Gauss based on the angle of the collision, causing the typical explosion. Each subsequent impact deals 75% of the base impact damage, getting smaller and smaller but obviously never quite reaching 0.

This would allow Mach Rush to be used in greater capacity in small spaces, particularly Grineer and Orokin tilesets. Airborne collisions shortly after jumping could cause Gauss to bounce upward, so if the player wishes to end their rush with some evasion, they may jump and collide with a wall to get out of range of melee-range enemies.
The x0.75 damage on impact is arbitrary and clearly would be decided by designers and play-testers, but the concept there is to prevent it from being used to effortlessly stun-lock a single short hallway by bouncing around it endlessly at little cost. It would also be advisable to add a minimum time between deflections, a small time like 0.05 seconds, so as to prevent multiple collisions with a single piece of complex geometry.


  • Mach Rush Augment - (Possible Name: "Drift King") Mach Rush starts at 50% (arbitrary) of its usual speed (including modifiers as normal Mach Rush would), and accelerates up to 150% (arbitrary) of the base speed over the course of some seconds. Gauss also gains increased turn rate while using this augment, but also has greatly reduce friction when doing so, making turning and stopping more challenging.

The concept here is to make even an unmodded (Or non-speed build) Gauss fun to use on PoE, Vallis, and Cambion Drift, by allowing him to keep up with K-Drive and Archwing users over long distances, while navigating past barriers, rocks, and other hindrances with appropriate practice and understanding of the terrain. Drifting with increased turn rate would allow Gauss to perform high-speed manoeuvres in a smaller space, potentially drawing enemy fire (by covering a smaller distance, travelling in a circular motion briefly) while deploying Thermal Sunder, explosive weapons, or simply absorbing damage away from his team by using Kinetic Plating. Lowering friction in general, especially after ceasing Mach Rush via weapon use would allow him to truly keep his momentum going if planned correctly, fitting into his theme of being too fast to be focused down, but allowing calculated windows of opportunity for enemies to hit Gauss to build restore his energy and draw fire using Kinetic Plating while drifting around corners and enemies, making an expert Gauss player a master of being hit exactly when they wish to be, and evading all else, all while returning fire while sliding about terrain.


  • Redline Augment - (Possible Name: "Alcubierre Drive") While Redline is active and maximum Redline battery is reached, Gauss disappears into an implosion of exotic matter, displaying gauss in a black void and bringing up the map screen in full, giving the user a few seconds (5+) to select a point on the map, after which Gauss exits at great speed at the point in the level closest to the selected area. The entrance could cause an implosion, dragging enemies with him to the exit, causing damage to them upon exiting. Failing to select an area on the map within the small time window upon entering this state would cause Gauss to exit at a random point in the map with appropriate space to allow him to escape/move (To be technical about it; check navmeshes etc to see where acceptable spawn areas would be)

Note: This one is very abstract, much more of an overhaul than any augment in the game so far, it's just out there as an idea, I understand that this sounds very outlandish!

This would be more for open worlds and potentially providing alternative methods of completing Rescue and Spy missions, and for allowing Gauss to navigate complicated tilesets without having to constantly reactivate Mach Rush to turn corners etc. If this ability had a degree of randomness to it, say, 10 to 50 metres of displacement it could make Spy/Rescue missions less "skippable" and more of a risk, an ability used in desperation as the timer ticks down and the console hasn't yet been reached. I must admit, this suggestion is one born of "style points" and the fun factor, rather than what it brings to him as a practical frame.


=The Cosmetic and Miscellaneous=

Thinking about how truly creative and talented DE's designers, artists, and graphics programmers are is truly inspiring, and I can't say that to the same degree about any other studio. Bravo, sincerely.
I'd like to offer some inspiration for some skins, Ephemera, helmets and other cosmetic-related Gauss content. Gaussian Blur is a term you may be familiar with, especially since Warframe is the only game to have fast and good-looking motion blur (Thanks Steve 🤍)and some up-to-standard DoF blur to boot - this could be an ephemera for gauss that leaves a blurry trail around him, possibly blurring his entire silhouette the faster he goes, things like that. Another Ephemera could be small particles of what's implied to be exotic matter, little dots of refraction that warp and tremble in their refractive degree before disappearing (If you've played Deep Rock Galactic, think about the particle effects on the Volatile Uranium, see footnote [4])

Since Gauss is named for Carl Friedrich Gauss, why not name an Augment after Miguel Alcubierre, another revered scientist, responsible for creating the hypothetical Alcubierre Warp Drive™, an apparent faster-than-light travel method using energy fields less dense than a vacuum - negative mass? - interesting theoretical physics stuff! At the very least, if not an Augment could we get a helmet with a portal in it or some exotic matter around it or some non-Euclidian geometry named after Dr. Alcubierre?


Many thanks for reading, love the game! 💛
Diolch yn fawr o Gymru! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🤍🔺💚



[1] - @Annnoth

[2] - @LascarCapable

[3] - @Marvelous_A

[4] - The warping effect visible on the bottom right in DRG


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Ya Gauss is... not necessarily boring, but too strong for a no investment frame. You just dump duration and you are done. Compare that with similar frames where you probably need 6-8 forma including Umbra. My issues though is not that he is boring, but that he is ugly.

I think the rush augment is very good. The redline would never work. 

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7 hours ago, (PS4)thegarada said:

Ya Gauss is... not necessarily boring, but too strong for a no investment frame. You just dump duration and you are done. Compare that with similar frames where you probably need 6-8 forma including Umbra. My issues though is not that he is boring, but that he is ugly.

I think the rush augment is very good. The redline would never work. 

I agree with that investment point - when I found out that Mach Rush is made more efficient by duration I was a little confused, since usually eff/dur/str/rng mods do very literal things, but making Mach Rush cheaper is a little abstract. His best abilities are duration based, and all range goes out the window so he's got very few build options as a result.

Thanks for the Rush Augment feedback, and I do admit that the Redline augment is very far-fetched.


As for "ugly", you are entitled to your opinion on æsthetics, but I've a few FashionFrames that would disagree ;)




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I like the idea for Mach Rush, seems like a fun way to use it and gives it another purpose other than filling his battery.

His augment for Redline could be something that prolongs its duration or pauses the ability countdown for a few seconds when hitting enemies with Mach Rush (kinda like a weaker version of Xaku's Vast Untime). The duration can't be too much though, since Gauss doesn't expend his battery when being hit when using Kinetic Plating nor using his heat part of Thermal Sunder while on 100% Redline.

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17 hours ago, One_Punch_Man said:

it seems to go against the resource-balancing "thinking on your feet" gameplay that Gauss has been apparently designed around.

gears read this

4 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

You lost me when you said Gauss has problems.

this my problem and people's problem with gauss, the feeling of rush have been completely diminished with overbuffs and lazy DR powers, the truth is, you don't have to keep running as gauss, i mean, if you want a practical TANK/DPS warframe sure, slap roar instead of thermal sunder, go with 255% duration and 200% strength and become better than rhino/valkyr/wisp in every way

but in terms of gameplay style, yeah, you don't really feel like a speedster

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I like the idea that he can bounce off of obstacles with an augment. I can imagine hitting a hallway at the right angle and zig-zagging down the hall. Might need a cooldown between explosions (or add an energy cost to them) less you find a narrow, nook to cause some kinda ultrasonic-pong-paddle shenanigans. 

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I like the Redline augment but I'm conflicted. It's Volt's thing to run like he's on drugs, Gauss runs fast but he can't turn. It's realistic, but more importantly I think it goes with his theme somehow. But it could work.

It's important to make it clear that Gauss is running and not teleporting. So upon cast, Gauss takes a moment to enter his crouching position (vulnerability phase) then make it seem as if you ran by ragdolling enemies, leaving a trail, and some fancy animations, sounds and effects. In reality, you teleported because it's easier to implement.

Would prefer if we didn't need the minimap, like placing a beacon for example then recast or aim at the beacon marker to run.


hace 8 horas, One_Punch_Man dijo:



I'm stealing this I'm a thief

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I'm going to have to largely disagree with the complaints risen here.  They seem to expect that Gauss should constantly be moving at high speed since he's speed frame.  And because he has to slow down at all to use some of his kit that there's a contradiction.  Which is pretty flimsy logic if you ask me.  Especially weird that the person wants him to get more DR the faster he moves.  Even though the person noted that the more you move the less you'd get hit.  The whole point of Kinetic plating is literally to exist if he happens to get hit while running or stopping.  It'a already doing that.  It's just making a change that doesn't need to happen.

Sunder is a weird ability and i've got nothing to really add onto that discussion.  I will say the only thing I liked was the suggestion of being able to consume battery for energy and making plating a toggle.  Both can be added in without having to take anything away from him.  The only true thing I desire out of Gauss at this point is being able to use Mach rush as a dash in any direction instead of needing to move my camera/frame to dash in that direction.

It's kind of funny.  When Gauss launched people complained that they felt they were just doing a bunch of movement for no reason just to keep battery up.  Now people are upset because battery upkeep doesn't require you to spam movement for no reason.  I think people are honestly just trying to live out their idea of what a speed frame would be like instead of understanding DE's version of speed frame.

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  • 2 weeks later...

One strange thing I find with Gauss is that all his abilities consume energy. After playing Nidus for a while I find that strange. Nidus makes perfect sense with his abilities. 1 and 2 consume energy, and synergize to give you stacks, which then lets you use 3 and 4. He has one of the best kits. I find myself wishing Gauss worked in a similar way.

With Mach Rush and the cold version of Thermal Sunder using energy, but with Kinetic Plating being both a toggle, and not using any energy. Instead it would take an initial 10% battery charge, then a 1% per second. It would only turn off when you deactivate it or when you run out of battery. The 1% per second could be changed to something higher to make it more balanced, its just a placeholder. If you know a better value then please tell me.

Redline would kind of work the same way. Instead of requiring energy to activate, it can only be activated when you reach full battery (without redline just normal). Once activated it will also do a small drain of 1% while activated and be a toggle the same as kinetic plating. It will stay activated until you either turn it off or your battery drops below 80% (full battery without redline activated). That way you could have both redline and kinetic plating active basically 24/7, but with a lot more battery drain, so you would actually have to constantly keep moving in order to use both. This could help with the problems I've been reading above with how little you need to move in order to charge the battery.

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I'd be fine with the duration on redline not starting until Gauss hits 100%. As it is, you can't build it up any quicker than a third of it's full duration, making you naturally want more duration and missing out on other stats. Not to mention there are still things that deplete the battery, which is annoying, such as hacking, and shooting while aiming even if you're moving cause you move too slow when aiming.

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Only thing I was dissapointed about gauss is that when I heard hes a speedster frame I imagined all these cool abilities revolving around - well - speed, but instead we got embers old fire ring, some damage reduction and quite boring 4th ability but at least thats speed related. 

The kinetic plating couldve been much cooler if it worked more like baruuks dodge ability, where bullets just phase past him because hes moving so fast or he generated aura similar to the MOA dome which slows down projectiles and maybe enemies too giving you the illusion of speed. 


That being said I do like gauss but almost solely because of mach rush. 

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