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Symmetrical Dojo Design around Dry Dock (Rebuild for all newer content or from scratch/new account)


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There's details below for background and anyone interested, but here's the layout with a basic flow of the order to build and what's possible in a single day if your resources allow:




The Rebuild:

I just came back after a long layoff and in the process of catching up with game content, I added a Dry Dock, Crimson Branch, etc to my already (for the most part ) completed Ghost Clan dojo.

With the addition of the new rooms and their prerequisites my final layout was... not awesome. At all. Much like a lot of people early on I threw my dojo together in the fastest way possible to get to the Research rooms as quickly and cheaply as possible. The race for the Max MR was on and there was no time for well thought out design or waiting. Get me access to more stuff to craft and master so I can be done with this game and move on. Huh. Didn't see how this game was gonna evolve, now did I?

Even though it didn't exist back when I started playing, this time around it felt as though the new(er) dry dock should be the centerpiece of my dojo layout so I blew everything up and rebuilt around that idea. End result is my dojo feels and, for the most part, looks like a symmetrical "ship" design. Tenno/Orokin Labs on one side, Faction Labs on the other side, centralized Reactor rooms stacked on top of each other on one central hall, a fuselage-like section made from end to end clan halls, and the observatory as the "front" end. Perhaps a "Bridge" of sorts? Mmm? Probably trivial to many, but my OCD is at peace and I find it a huge upgrade to my in game experience so I thought I'd share the idea/build. Before I went down this rabbit hole I searched a lot for symmetrical dojo designs and didn't find anything, so if I can save some one else a little time and effort that's cool.

Keep in mind the objective was not to rush to the Labs, but keep just ahead of required resource limitations as much as is absolutely needed so as not to hit a wall. Intersections at key places leave room to add extensions to the side halls from the labs that would connect eventually to the center "fuselage" with enough area inside for larger rooms such as the obstacle course or whatever else while maintaining the symmetrical "ship" theme (haven't got that far). This is definitely not about maximum time and resource efficiency but more the overall end result. Even so, I was able to blow up my entire old layout and only invest 2 additional Forma to rebuild in this alternate layout.


NEW build:

To test this from scratch, I have a "new" Nintendo Switch account I don't play much on and have started implementing this build after around 30-40 hours of uber casul game play and with 8 Formas collected/built. Starting from there I've followed the steps above and my Dry Dock is in place and I'm heading towards the first few labs on Day 5 of starting the build. It's great to drop in every once in a while and not have to think about the next step when adding to the dojo and know it's going to look/feel pretty sweet when it's done. There's so much MR fodder from BPs and other WFs early in-game that I haven't missed not having the Labs built yet. If your patient and consistent with keeping a Forma BP cooking every 24 hours, I've found it's not as hard to get a dojo established as it seemed to be back in the day.

The ONLY thing that has slowed the process a bit (few days) from a new account was the 15 Tellurium required for the Dry Dock, which I had to farm from the first 2 low level Archwing missions for more than a hot minute. Shocker: if you commit to dropping resources like this on your dojo early on there's not a lot left over to build up your frames/weapons for higher level content. Unless you have way more time to invest per week/day than I do. Oh well, time for that higher level, mid-game content later.


One thing I like about this design is that if you go up from T-Connector 9 with another elevator, you could theoretically fill up the one hall backing up to the dry dock with 14 reactors without extending the footprint (4 on 1st, 5 on B1, 5 on 2nd) since reactors can stack on top of themselves. I have no idea why you would need to do that with a Solo dojo, other than to say you did it. MORE. POWER.

From my rebuild experience, the most important steps that I couldn't figure out a way around were up to Step 28. I destroyed my entire old dojo and had close to 60 Forma between my Inventory and Vault so resources were no issue, but building the rights pieces in the right order came in to play in order to have everything live where I intended. If you don't start heading down or up the elevator towards a 5th reactor at Step 24 you will run out of energy before being able to finish all the labs and something will have to be destroyed to complete the path downstairs. Now that's only because of the excessive amount of connector hallways the design calls for that aren't necessarily required, but complete the aesthetic so you can run laps around the joint and/or provide a crucial secondary means of exit in a fire emergency. Railjacks are dangerous.

This really bugged me until I figured out how to implement it, and I still can't believe or quite explain why it makes everything flow better in the game for me. It's the little things in life I guess. Glad if someone can get something out of this.


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