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Warframe idea: Arcana Frame


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After playing Persona 3 I've been thinking of a new Warframe revolving around the fourteen major arcana shown. I've been thinking of some names but the two I thought could fit is Arcanum or Thanatos. The main abilities of the frame would change based on the active arcana. The Warframe's default arcana would be The Fool. The first ability is Arcana Shuffle which changes your active arcana for a certain amount of time effecting your abilities, damage, movement speed etc. The arcana the Warframe can change to is The Magician, The Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Justice, The Hermit, Fortune, Strength, and The Hanged Man. The second ability is Slash which targets one enemy and deals a medium amount of slash and always give an effect based off the arcana. The third ability is Megido, its cast a explosion dealing medium amount of damage to the enemies and gives them an effect based on the arcana. The fourth ability is Final Shift which changes the Warframe's arcana to Death, giving a boost to health, damage, and speed. Changing to Death changes the 3 abilities to Recarm which summons a clone with a random arcana, the second ability is Tempest Slash which does a heavy amount of slash and give a random effect of any arcana, and Megidolaon which cast a big explosion dealing a lot of damage and elemental damage. The arcana effects differs with each on


The Fool Arcana, 0

Has no special effects

Gives the highest amount of damage for the abilities, the next 12 arcana will deal less damage in the abilities.


The Magician Arcana, I

Converts shields to health

Enemies effected will be disarmed


The Priestess Arcana, II

You and nearby allies will get a healing effect

Enemies effected will deal less damage and take more damage


The Empress Arcana, III

Gives fast healing to all companions

Enemies effected will become frozen or slowed down


The Emperor Arcana, IV

Gives a boost in damage output

Enemies affected will be shocked for a moment


The Hierophant Arcana, V

The Player loses all weaknesses

Enemies affected will lose all resistance


The Lovers Arcana, VI

Player gets a boost to speed and reload

Enemies effected will be charmed and convert to allies


The Chariot, VII

Player receives a boost to melee speed, melee damage, and melee critical chance

Enemies effect will take heavy damage


The Justice Arcana, VIII

Second ability is replaced with Hamaon which gives a random chance to instakill

Third ability is replace with Mahamaon which is the same ad Hamaon but instead applies to a group

Note that Hamaon and Mahamaon does not work with bosses and has cooldown


The Hermit Arcana, IX

Player receives a increase to status chance

Enemies affected will receive a random status effect


The Fortune Arcana, X

Player will have their health and shields fully restored when they are about to die

Enemies affected will vary based on the health of the enemy, full health will lose 75% of their health, half health will lose 25% of their health, and enemies with a low amount of health is instantly killed

Note that this does not apply to bosses


The Strength Arcana, XI

The player will take less damage for the duration of this arcana

Abilities will have a boost in damage


The Hanged Man, XII

When the player takes damages, allies will gain health

When the player receives a status effect, allies will gain a damage boost

Enemies affected will target the player and do more damage against them


The design of the Warframe is a male in darkness with a mask that is white. The mask features a number on the forehead when it changes arcana excluding The Fool and Death arcana. When the player uses Arcana Shuffle, a tarot card appears in front of the player, showing their current arcana, then changes to the new one. There is still more that I am thinking of but I want some thought before I finalize this Warframe


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