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Shadow the cloaked spirit (warframe idea)

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ability 4, undying monsters) summon 2 zombies or 2 skeletons from the undead world that fight for you, the zombies have 450 health, 0 shield and  35 armor and deal 200 damage per hit they have a 10% chance per hit they take to take only half the damage inflicted to them, the skeletons have 300 health, 0 shield and 0 armor, deal 300 damage per hit and have a 10% chance per hit they take to take only half the damage inflicted to them, you cannot cast this ability again until all monsters are dead.

ability 3, bonified claws) reveal you hands from your cloak and your fingers are sharp bone claws dealing 400 damage per hit duration 15 seconds, can be deactivated by pressing the button again

ability 2, the invisible cloak) use the cloak on your body to go invisible 9 energy per second, you take 5% less damage wile invisible, must be in cloak form to be invisible, if your invisible and switch to none cloak mode this ability will immediately turn off and you will be visible

ability 1, darkened dagger) throw 3 invisible daggers that deals 200 damage that are homing within 5 meters of the enemy and mark an enemy that the zombie monsters will instantly target. 20 meters forward

Passive, switch between cloaked form which gives increased attack damage for darkened dagger and bone fingers, and melee damage and uncloaked form which gives you increased movement speed and attack speed and holster speed, along with darkened dagger throw speed all speed by 10%, cloaked form damage increase is by 8%


maxed stats, 350 health, 200 shield, 175 armor, 275 energy, 1.20 sprint speed

rank 0 stats, 100 health, 50 shield, 175 armor, 150 energy, 1.20 sprint speed

he has a dark cloak, he has a dark and red Aura, and one large scar on his left eye his eyes are red.
he has long fingers too when he's in his cloak form his floats, when he's not he has legs.
in his cloak form he has red glowing eyes but on his left its a glowing dot with a red line as his scar
not in cloak form he has a black scar with black eyes with red insides, along with a 6 pack of abs.  

he has this as a tattoo on his back


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