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DarthMouth the beast master (warframe idea)


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4th ability) summon a kubrow and a kavat to fight for you, they can be modded in the arsenal with their own specialized 2 mods that can be ONLY USED ON THEM, kavat's mods, 1)  has a 5% health steal for its master (maxed), 2) every 10 seconds its master will gain 5% increased shield regen for 5 seconds (maxed), kubrow mods, 1) its master gains 5% melee speed every 10 seconds (maxed), 2) its master gains 5% fire rate every 10 seconds, kubrow, 400 health 150 shield and 50 armor, kavat, 350 health 100 shield and 50 armor, dog deal 300 damage per hit cat deals 250 damage per hit

3rd ability) increase you and your pets total damage by 10% and you get a 5% increase fire rate and reload speed 8 seconds

2nd ability) you, your pets and allies regen health at 4 health per second for 15 seconds within 10 meters

1rst ability) gives you, your kubrow and kavat 10% damage reduction for 5 second

passive) your kavat and kubrow has a 5% chance to make enemies drop additional loot every 15 seconds for 10 seconds and a 10% chance for enemies to drop health and energy orbs for 5 seconds, if you have a kubrow or kavat that is from the pet slot it will have your ability buffs as well 

maxed stats 450 health, 250 shield, 450 armor, 300 energy, 1.05 sprint speed

rank 0 stats, 200 health, 100 shield, 450 armor, 150 energy, 1.05 sprint speed

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