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I found a rogue polygon in one of the Iso Vaults


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It was an odd cone-like shape in black with blurry brown textures like a half-loaded... thing, stretching from one corner of the vault itself out through the vault entrance, "blocking" the way in/out. You could walk through it with no problems, and if you were "inside" it, it disappeared. The second image shows the camera looking through the bottom corner on the inside of the shape (I tried to show my frame and the edge at the same time, but any shallower an angle and it kept disappearing).

It was the vault with four of Loid's charging crystals on a balcony:

I haven't run too many of these, and don't know what if anything I might have done to set it off. This was only my second time trying vaults with Octavia, and my first time in this particular vault since the "ensmallening" update. I couldn't see the four symbol vault door at first, just this weird black thing. Went to check it out and passed through it. Thought I would post it here.

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