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Relentless Combination after finally getting fixed to do something, is STILL broken in a silly way


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When doublechecking the Quassus feathers' fix to take melee damage into account, so I could perhaps use the weapon as I inteded, I stumbled onto this little gem.

Relentless Combination is supposed to 100% increase your Melee Combo Counter when Slash dots tick.

Quassus Heavy Attack: 12 feathers Slash Procs on L100 Heavy Gunner test subject.

Expected result: 12 combo increases every time they tick.

Does that actually happen? No.

What is actually happening? For display reasons(?) the game groups Slash procs into stacks according to some formula so that instead of 12 numbers popping out of the target, you get 2 or 3 instead. And wouldn't you know it, this amount of stacks is exactly how much combo you will get with Relentless Combination. It is bugged to look at the lumped together Bleed dots instead of the actual Bleed dots.

Back into the the closet with you Quassus until a future patch fixes Relentless Combination...

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