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While Piloting the railjack, companion is teleported really far away (outside of the charm buff zone for smeeta)


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I'm unsure if this is intended or not, but while piloting your railjack your pet is teleported REALLY far away outside of the railjack, as demonstrated in this video:


This might be intended or not but if your companion is a Smeeta Kavat, this puts it way out of the range of giving you Charm buffs (which might actually be the reason they are doing this if it's intended), so i thought it was worth reporting on since it's impossible to get those buffs while piloting, like the double affinity one, making you have to wait around in the ship if you wanted to get that one. Funnily enough, this doesnt happen for example for the tunguska cannon as far as i'm aware, as the pet is still there when you come up and it can even be killed by invaders while you are using the cannon

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