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Question for Tennogen Artists/Creators regarding primary weapon skins

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I don't want this to come off as me saying "reee why are there no tennogen for x weapon?" this is more of just a bit of personal curiosity, though if I had to, that Arca Plasmor Dominus skin looks juicy, shame that's not in game.

My question is, as Tennogen creators, why do you think that skin submissions on the workshop for the primaries, such as Arca, Sybaris, Gorgon and Amprex are so low? And personally, do you want to design skins for them, or is there no real interest or desire to make them personally?

From observation it appears they have a low approval chance in general and I'm curious if that plays into it also. If you were given the option to make Universal rifle, shotgun, sniper or secondary weapon skins/models, or the weapon specific skins could be used on ot hers in their class, would this peak your interest in designing for them?

Edit: Missed out the Opticor, please just comment if I missed any more.

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I would love Universal skins for Guns (ie. Rifles/Shotguns/Sniper/Secondary). mainly because imo the Kitguns are so damn ugly. Yes there is a skin for secondaries (one I thiink) and there is one for shotguns (Nyx deluxe bundle). 

If they allowed artists to design a rifle/sniper/shotgun/secondary skin(s) like they do Melee, I would be a very happy Tenno

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