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Swapping Warframe Configs with different helminth abilities and augments can "brick" your Config


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Since a video says more than words:

tl;dw (aka my assumption of this bug):

  • Config A is Wisp with Roar
  • Config B is Wisp with Smite, including the Smite Infusion Mod

If you swap Config A and Config B, the game removes Smite Infusion, since the Helminth Abilities do not get swapped and my Config A can not use Smite Infusion. The Game decides to add a Mod into the now empty slot (always Shotgun Scavenger Aura for me), creating this weird problem where the game tells you that an Aura Mod can only be in the Aura Slot. You cannot remove it manually, or press the "remove all mods" button, the game just throws you more "Aura Mod in Aura Slot" Warnings.

Fear not though, i have found a solution/workaround: pressing the "mods" button and exiting it again will clear your Config.
If you watch the video closely, there are more weird stuff going on with this, however i will not go into detail about it.

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