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Sortie Node Lock Bug


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in this Vid sortie 1st mission is a Spy mission on Kelpie Sedna. once I click it it tells me that "I need to unlock Kelpie (sedna) to unlock this mission"

now if you look closely to the video, you can see that when I put my cursor on Kelpie sedna you can see that it is not Lock. because you do not see a lock icon on that node. Only thing I can do if to play kelpie before i could play sortie. take note I have already unlock all the nodes, this will then repeat itself the next day.

I have about 10 videos of this, it started in July and it is still persisting. I have already send a ticket about this and they told me they ave done all they can (troubleshooting) and they can no longer do anything about it. I was told to post it here, hopefully the devs see this and find a fix. The videos are very short ranging from 18-39 seconds.







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