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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.1.2 + Hotfix


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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.1.2


- Disabled Ordis Transmissions while in the Helminth screen. Our trusty Cephalon must be shielded from this room. 

- There is now an ‘Incomplete’ tab on the Helminth to show you which abilities you have not Subsumed. 

- Increased the audible distance of Xaku’s weapon sounds in the Grasp of Lohk ability use.


- Numerous micro-optimizations for Deferred Rendering have been added to the game! 


- Fixed T5 Bounty Rewards on Deimos sometimes giving lower Mother Tokens than T4 Bounties.

- Fixed incorrect Vendors having the Velocipod K-Drive Skins.

- Fixed incorrect Bounty UIs after a host Migration.

- Fixed ‘Botanist’ being missing from the Codex and unlinkable in Chat.

- Fixed an issue with the sound of casting Roar on a Warframe that has the ability Infused.

- Fixed Railjack Avionics not being displayed correctly in the EoM screen. 

- Fixed the Ability screen not updating after using Helminth until you go into a mission or use the Arsenal. 

- Fixed the Boar not having a reload sound.

- Fixed an issue where the Vault extraction marker can appear above ground after finishing a Vault Bounty.

- Fixed the Entrati Audience Chamber room not being an option to be set as a Spawn room for Dojos. 

- Fixed Audio ducking staying on if you enter the Arsenal as an Operator.

- Fixed some Sentinel and Moa Weapon types not getting affected by Magazine related Mods (notably Helstrum). 

- Fixed Antigen recipes having underlapping text in the Foundry. 

- Fixed many weapon Components having ill fitting text in the Foundry.

- Fixed an issue where deploying a Desert Skate does not remove the prior deployed Desert Skate. 

- Fixed an issue being unable to leave Conclave missions using the ESC button. 

- Fixed recolouring the Arquebex changing colours of attached Necramech in preview.

- Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a squad while someone else is fishing. 

- Fixed a script error that could occur with Khora and Venari.

- Fixed the Corinth Prime Blueprint using the wrong icon for the Corinth Prime Stock.


Heart of Deimos: Hotfix



-Fixed the Exploiter Orb spawning underground as reported here:

- Fixed an issue where using the ESC Menu function when inviting players to the Dojo during a trade causes a game lock.

- Fixed continued issues with Steel Path Deimos Bounty rewards not issuing the correct amount of Mother Tokens. 

- Fixed numerous issues with the Oscira skins not allowing the underlying weapons to use proper reloads and animations. 

-Fixed an issue where pausing during extraction can lead to issues as reported here:

- Fixed several high priority chat issues relating to loss of functionality.


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Just now, -IE-DragonZero- said:

Many thanks for the hotfix.

A strange happened with my profile, 4 of my primary kitgun got unranked, I am pretty sure I have gilded and rank up them for mastery, hope this new hotfix fix this issue

UI bug. They don't give extra Mastery.

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