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Sting the bladed killer (warframe idea)

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4th ability blades) call from your back 4 blades to attack enemies within 5 meters around your body each blade does 75 damage and inflicts bleeding and slash damage, 6 energy per second

3rd ability stomach stinger) call from your stomach a stinger that inflicts 50 viral damage to enemies within 5 meters, 6 energy per second

2nd bladed fury) increase attack speed of all blades, your abilities, your melee, and your dagger bullet fire rate by 8% for 8 seconds

1rst ability dagger bullets) infuse your weapons with blades that inflict slash and bleeding damage, daggers stay in enemies for 3 seconds then after the enemies will take 50 bleeding damage every 2second for 6 seconds

passive, death is life) every 15 enemies you kill you get 5% life steal for second for 10 seconds, (cannot stack, must wait until the 10 seconds is up to activate again)

maxed stats 350 health, 225 shield, 250 armor, 300 energy, 1.15 sprint speed

rank 0 stats, 175 health, 110 shield, 250 armor, 150 energy, 1.15 sprint speed

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