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Breach surge saryn



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depends on what you're playing.

if you're trying to AFK Onslaught, it's not so useful
if you're playing an actual Mission, then it's probably a lot more useful. especially for Endurance Missions.

here's me trying Breach Surge on Saryn - having multiple Damage Buffs plus my Mods&Equipment certainly does pretty nicely(wasn't even a very favorable scenario since it was Radiation Damage hitting Shields, but w/e) - if you're in a scenario of wanting more Damage, it's certainly an avenue towards that (again, mainly for Endurance).

duly note that it's only of much use if you're playing Saryn in a style that has increased Power Strength (spoiler, if you're not you're doing it wrong but i'm not going to tell you what to do). if you're running with low Strength it won't add all that much for you, though it would still be something.

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