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Simulus - The efficient hunter


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"Hunter, I have studied your performance in the Sanctuary. Come visit me and I shall enlighten you about my newest obsession." -Cephalon Simaris

The experiment of Cephalon Simaris. Efficient hunter of the Sanctuary.



Health    125 (375 at rank 30)
Shield    50 (150 at rank 30)
Armor    450
Energy    100 (150 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed    1.1




Finisher kills raise efficiency cap by 10% for 60 seconds. Stacks 5 times for 150% efficiency.

Kinetic Trap


Deploy a kinetic trap that traps 1/3/5 enemies in 15m range for 6/9/12 seconds. Trapped enemies are opened for finisher kill. Cost 25 energy

Define Efficiency


Killing enemies raise your efficiency level. Duration 10/15/20 second. Reached efficiency level is saved for later use. Cost 50 energy
Note: If casted while Artificial Armor or Simulate Entity is inactive; Define and save efficiency
          If casted while Artificial Armor, Simulate Entity or both are active; Maintain efficiency

Artificial Armor


Grants damage reduction based on Define Efficiency. Activating Artificial Armor consumes 1% efficiency/second.
Example: Defined Efficiency 73% grants you 73% damage reduction for 73 seconds.
Note: Damage reduction is capped at 90%. Maintain efficiency with 2nd ability.

Simulate Entity


Spawn pre-selected entity from your codex. Activating Simulate Entity consumes 1% efficiency/second. Health and damage multiplier of spawned entity is based on Define Efficiency; 50% gives 1.5x multiplier, 100% gives 3x multiplier
Example: Defined Efficiency 73% with pre-selected entity as Corrupted Heavy Gunner spawns said unit with 2.19x healt and damage multiplier for 73 seconds or when killed.
Note: Obvious spawn restrictions ie. Eidolons. Otherwise its up to you if you want to spawn yourself a tacticool maprico tree with healt multiplier. Maintain efficiency with 2nd ability.

Note 2: Pre-selection is made in the arsenal menu and requires a complete codex entry.




Visiting Simaris on any relay grants you access on new type of Sanctuary mission, Sanctuary Showdown, where every C rotation is designated for Simulus encounter. Simulus encounter happens in a random bossfight tile and during the fight Simulus can spawn any entity from the host´s codex album. Simulus drops its blueprint and parts with 25% chance each.



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