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A Note about the next Prime Vault.

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On 2020-10-05 at 11:45 PM, (NSW)Gamer-Steve said:

Out of curiosity, which colors are being lost on the Syandana? Does part of it just flicker to a default state for about a frame, and return to normal, etc.?

I've actually had that happen with the Deru Syandana in this case, if it helps to know:

As far as I know, these issues are still present in the current console version.

  • I'll see if the Deru Syandana glitch I found also occurs outside of Empyrean when you switch to Archwing / die during it or on foot.

Yes! It will flicker to it’s default blue color for like a frame, just as you described, when moving around in your arsenal, or when exiting it. 

For instance, i have 2 shades of red on the “energy tails” on one of my configurations, and they will flicker blue when changing to a different load-out, or switching back and forth between the other different configurations.

And as a matter of fact, today I decided to switch to the Uru again, and lo and behold its now suffering from the same bug as the Misa! What gives? I went into the simulacrum and tested this specifically. Each time I die, the energy tail defaults to blue.

I know this is petty, but it really f**ks with me when I die in a mission, and the whole syandana loses its entire customization that I spent applying to it. I have OCD and to see this glitch so frequently makes me highkey irritated.


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On 2020-09-22 at 2:31 PM, --N-- said:

I think it means primes that have never been unvaulted before, i.e. Banshee Prime, Hydroid Prime, Mirage Prime, Zephyr Prime, Limbo Prime or Chroma Prime.

Banshee and Mirage were just unvaulted... I'd guess what DE means is maybe 3 frames are unvaulting? Similar to Ember, Frost, and Loki some time ago. Or maybe even 4, all new to unvaults? like Zephyr, Limbo, Chroma, and maybe even Mesa? I'd doubt they'd unvault Limbo, Chroma, or Mesa THIS early, but... you never know :P

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