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The new Avia Prime Syandana clips through the frame with pretty much half of the animation sets

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The Avia Prime Syandana.

On one hand, it's large. Not the largest syandana, but it's not small either.

On the other hand, it's barely flexible, which means it can't curve away from the body on thicc frames frames with larger bodies or various attachments on their back side. In fact, not only can it not curve away from the warframe's body, it's especially designed to curve inwards, towards it!

All that together means that unless you are using an animation set that makes you hunched forward (in other word, if you are using almost any noble animation set, especially female frames' noble animation sets) the blades of that syandada are going to cleave right through your frame like a knife through butter.

Now I realize this isn't the first time a syandana has clipped through a frame with a specific skin and animation set, to put it lightly (hell, some signature syandanas clip through their own frames/deluxe skins), but this is the first time I've seen one syandana clip through almost any frame I tried it on:


Through Zephyr's tail:


Through Garuda's calf:


Through Wisp at least three different parts:


Through Protea's buttock and calf (may be a bit hard to see on this screenshot):


Through Ivara Deluxe's skirt & calf (though she is using Saryn's noble animation set in this one, it was reproducable with some other animation sets as well) (Late Happy Birthday, Megan!):


More Saryn Noble examples:


Through 2B Mag Deluxe's buttock and calf (this is Saryn's noble animation set, however, mag's own set is one of the few female noble sets that makes the syandana only graze the frame's "skin" rather than clip through it):


Through Nova Deluxe's calf:


Through Nyx Deluxe's skirt (thoguh at this point it's to be expected) and calf (also reproducable with a number of other agile animation sets, including her own):


Through Equinox Deluxe's skirt (on every noble animation set I tried, this one specifically is Saryn's noble. This case should also be expected at this point):


Through Harrow's clothes, as he comes to show that this isn't just a girls' problem (though it is much more commin with their animation sets):


Please, DE, either make it so that the blades don't curve as much (or at all, for that matter) towards the frame's legs or make it so that it's mounted on the upper back at a slight angel to counteract this curvature, because right now it's only usable on agile animation sets.

Best regards,


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