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Game engine Graphical/Rendering glitch : Green 'rectangular dot' in the corner of screen


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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong subsection of the Forum, but I think this has something to do with game engine itself so...

Ever since Heart of Deimos update I've been having this really weird rendering glitch with the game where I randomly get a 'Green rectangular dot' on top of the game. Here's a really heavily zoomed in printscreen-screenshot.


I'm mentioning PrintScreen specifically, BECAUSE using the ingame F6 does NOT show the green dot, which is REALLY WEIRD and has made me pretty concerned in various ways, as if the dot is a overlay of sorts.

Here's a comparison between the F6 Screenshot and PrintScreen from 11th of September 2020:





On the topic of overlays; The only ones that could be considered as such are Steam Overlay, which gives the FPS counter in the up-right corner and Xbox Game Bar, which gives the Windows 10 GameDVR option for video capturing. Both of these systems are 'offline' when the bug occurs. I barely ever open up either Overlays on top of the game. GameDVR stuff is also set up in a way that all social features and stuff are disabled.

Thusfar I've been able to 'fix' the issue only by restarting the game.

Also this 'dot' wasn't always green in color. Right after HoD update it was white and half the size, but after encountering it for the 3rd or 4th time it changed to green and been such ever since. This bug occurs pretty much once a day at least, but rarely reappears after rebooting the game and I can then play for the whole day without issues. But the issue occurs again the next day eventhough I have not restarted my PC inbetween.

The reason I'm reporting this issue only now almost after a month of daily occurances is because I haven't been able to catch the bug redhanded before with my videocapturing tools - while it actually occurs.

So here's a video taken with Windows 10 GameDVR that captures the last 2-3mins of my gaming session. The video shows the entire process from logging in and when the dot just appears. There's a lot of idle time in menus before and after, but the issue occurs right after I load into a Relay/Simaris Room. Video timestamp 1:04. I don't know if the issue has something to do with a specific player cosmetics spotloading, as the dot appear at the same time another player loads into the relay infront of me. I'm pretty sure this moment is somewhere around '225.449 Sys [Info]:' in the EE.log file (included in support ticket). I hope this helps to narrow down the EE.log analysis location.

Jump to relay loadscreen ending 1:01 , GreenDot appears at/after 1:04 . Pay attention to top-left corner of the video/screen. Please use the highest 1440p Video quality to view the issue.

I'll be uploading the log files to support shortly after posting this.

Worth noting is that I've started using Deferred Rendering after HoD update, because most of the deal breaking bugs have been fixed and I get more consistent frame times with it. The normal rendering was stuttering very heavily even with 150-200 fps (*only after HoD). My average FPS did drop by almost 30% enabling Deferred Rendering, but the frame times being significantly more consistent and stable the game feels better to play. (Ryzen 3700X / 5700XT)

As a sidenote: After enabling the Deferred Rendering I've been experiencing a lot of 'loss of input' while ingame, specifically with combines actions: Like if I jump into the air and try to Aim Glide using my Mouse2 button - it just does not register sometimes. And it is not the issue with my hardware as I've been testing it a lot after each of the different occurances. It feels like the old days issue with really old keyboards (from 90s) where you can't have more than 2 or 3 keys pressed at the same time. If you press more, they just won't register. This issue isn't only with Mouse2, it happens with pretty much any combined action randomly. More often with Cambion Drift missions than normal ones. There was a fix (U29.1.1) regarding a Deimos Therid enemy, which did reduce the issue by some degree, but only by 40%. These input related issues only started with HoD update. For the time being I cannot give more details on this bug as I can't really get a grasp of it.


Support Ticket: #2308792






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On 2021-01-02 at 7:30 AM, FamLit69420 said:

This just happened to me today and I was just playing regularly. I don't know how to get rid of it because it is very annoying.


Several months ago I had a conversation about this bug with support on the zendesk, where they suggested I should disable "AMD's Radeon Boost" from the GPU Drivers.

I did not have that feature enabled, BUT I did have "Radeon Anti-Lag" and "Surface Format Optimization" enabled. Disabling both of those seemingly fixed the issue as I have not encountered the bug since.

So if you're running AMD GPU, go to 'Radeon Software' settings -> Graphics and disable the extra features there and see which one fixes it.


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