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Immediate Host Migration when joining Railjack Missions


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As per the title. It's not always consistent but is happening often enough to be a right PITA. 

Joining a "Join any crew" public mission, the mission loads, I get the sound effects and I appear in the Railjack cockpit area. I can usually tell straight away if I'm going to get a host migration as the pilot will be flying in a single direction and not firing. If I try to go through the door to the next area of the railjack I get stuck. After about 10 seconds I'll get a host migration and will appear alone, as the host, on the previous hosts railjack (or at least with their railjack loadout). 

The whole reason I use the "Join any crew" button is that I don't want to host (laptop too rubbish, don't want to affect other peoples game because of it). I'd rather that the game gave me the "connection lost" message and put me back to the orbiter. As it stands right now I have to abort the mission (increasing my "missions quit" stat), wait for it to load, then wait for the slow as Mission Failed screen to appear and finally let me back to the Orbiter so that I can start all over again.

This is happening about one in every three attempts to join a public railjack mission. 

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