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Randon Game Crashes In Solo Mission Play


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muffed the 1st post...my bad...soz ;)

...I haven't had a game crash for ages....but...i've had (4) now seems just since the Hotfix 10.4.1 in Solo game play . Loosing all forward progress and pick-up's and weapon leveling too. Uggg! :( - my PC is stable and no new changes there. My Net Provider status here is fiber ops 100M/50M so its not my net speed im pretty darn sure.

Recently upgraded my Vid Card some months ago to ASUS HD7850-DC2-2GD5 but not had any ill's or probs there either. settings are default (no O/C). FPS is usually always somewhere @ 90 minimum to 120 or so depending.

...random in-game freeze then a crash to "WF Report This Error" - Anyone else experiancing ??

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