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Coolant Raknoid(s) spawn in final Vox Solaris quest stage


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Coolant Raknoid(s) spawn in final Vox Solaris quest stage near Control Unit and promptly begin to destroy it. 

First encounter resulted in third spawn destroying defense target   


On second attempt, knowing about this bug and searching forums https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1199650-vox-solaris-last-phase/ (June 11 and still no bugfix?!? Realy DE?) was barely able keep Console alive after 5 Raknoids spawned in a row.



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19 hours ago, parabashka said:

Have you tried to use other warframes with abilities which can help you defend this target?


As I write - I did it on second attempt! Barely...

And I'm MR9 (eligible 10)  with moderately modded Ignis Wraith and medium Strength/Range Rhino Stomp -  Vox Solaris quest is intended for fresh MR 3-5, not an returning relative heavyweight like me - this issue needed to be addressed.

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